The Art of Manipulation

I teach my students to manipulate others (sarcasm). It's pretty cool. If you wanna know more, watch "The Art of Manipulation" (Vlog 1).

If you get bored with the student examples, skip to the last 2-minutes. The thing I still don't understand is, "Why did only around 50% of my students turn this assignment in when 99% were actually working on it?"  Give me your thoughts and questions below!

***Slowly beginning to get more screenshots turned in***


  1. What a fantastic lesson and the ability to apply a technology they use everyday to learn the art of manipulation. I was laughing so hard at the student examples that I had to show it to my wife. Great real world examples and real use of technology in the classroom.

  2. Miniature donkeys, snakes and coffee................these are hilarious! More seriously, though, what a wonderful way to have students learn the skills and art of persuasion. I suspect that each of the responses they received (from the "go for it" to the "research more and get back to me" to the "total ignore") are very authentic to they'll experience in adult life and each builds their own skill and persistence. Thanks for providing opportunities for our students to find their voice and learn how to navigate thoughtfully in the digital world.......

  3. What a great way to take something from the real world and then adapt it into an assignment for students to apply skills in an authentic way! It is also such a great way to personalize and get to know your students and families on a deeper level. Your question on the turn in rate is a great one. It has me wondering. Is that a typical turn in rate or an anomaly from this assignment? And I am wondering if you have asked the students who didn't turn it in why not? I would be curious to see if there is something they have in common or if it is individualized. Thanks for sharing. I am also left reflecting on how powerful this Vlog was as a tool for sharing this work. It was very engaging. Has me thinking.


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